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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost of a Texas Bully Kennel Puppy?
    Prices vary depending on the litter. Pups can range from $4,500-$15,000 Solid Color - $4,500 - $6,000 Tri Color $5,500 - $12,000 Tri Merle $8,500 - $15,000
  • Can you ship my puppy to me?
    We can deliver your puppy to your doorstep anywhere in the continental United States for under $1,000. Should you be in Canada, we can get the pup to your closest boarder crossing.
  • Do you crop the ears?
    We can crop the ears should you need us to. The cost is $800 and we ask the pup is picked up the day of the crop or the day after. If pup is being shipped, we will try to get an appointment around the departure date.
  • Are the dogs good with kids and other animals?
    The XL bully breed is a companion breed that in our experience always surpasses our expectations with our family, friends, and other animals.
  • Will the puppy come with registration papers?
    All our puppies will come with ABKC, UKC, or both ABKC & UKC papers.
  • How big will a Texas Bully Kennel dog get?
    I get this question asked a lot, and it’s not a straightforward answer. Environment plays a huge part in this. How, what and how often you feed will play a role in a puppy’s development. How sedentary or active also plays a role in this. To try and answer the question to the best of my ability, I would say females can range from roughly 85-120lbs and males from 95-140lbs. People have different preferences of what they want in a dog size wise. If you let us know what you’re wanting we can lead you to a breeding that is likely to produce the desired result.
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